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For education meetings, requesting to join from outside of the domain isn’t working for some users

For G Suite for Education and G Suite Enterprise for Education users, only the meeting creator can see and approve or deny requests to join a meeting from participants outside of their domain. If the meeting creator isn’t on the call when the request is made, the external participant will not be able to join and the “Asking to join” page will keep spinning.

Workaround: If you create a meeting and want to include guests with an email address that’s outside of your school domain, make sure to stay on the call until all external guests have been approved to join.

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Drop-down menus are not shown when sharing a window

When sharing a window in Meet, the drop down menus in the shared window are not displayed in the meeting.

Workaround: Share your entire screen instead of a specific window.

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Browser freezes when screen sharing is selected

This can be caused if the computer is using incompatible video adapters or video drivers.

Workaround: Upgrade the computer’s video adapters and video drivers to the latest version.

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Presentations appear blank or distorted when sharing a window

When sharing a window in Meet, if you play a Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote presentation in the shared window, the slideshow appears blank to other viewers. This is because choosing ‘Play’ or ‘Slide Show view’ shows the presentation in full screen mode, and you’re only sharing a window.

Workaround: Share your whole screen before launching a presentation in Play or Slide Show mode.

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I can’t access Meet on my mobile device

Each version of the mobile Meet app is supported for 6 months after release. Upgrade to the latest version if an older version of the app is installed on your device.

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Dial-in call ends unexpectedly

Meet supports dial-in phone calls for up to 8 hours. Actual maximum call length may be shorter if there are carrier specific restrictions.

Workaround: When the call is dropped after 8 hours, dial back in to the meeting.


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I can’t schedule an “All Day” meeting

When a user adds a room to an all-day event, the room is scheduled in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), from midnight to midnight the next day, regardless of the room’s time zone. This specification might cause the meeting room resource to be declined even if it appears to be available. Google is aware of this issue.

Workaround: When adding a meeting room resource in a different time zone, schedule the event for 24 hours instead of selecting All day.

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If ​Meet is temporarily unavailable or experiencing issues

If Meet is unavailable, or if you experience issues such as poor video, trouble joining the meeting, or other Meet performance issues, check the G Suite Status Dashboard to see if there is a problem with the Meet service.

  • Green icon—Meet is operating normally. Use the troubleshooting tips to address your specific issue.
  • Yellow or red icon— Meet is experiencing issues or is unavailable. Try the following workarounds for ways to communicate until Meet returns to normal operation.

Workaround: Pre-record your meeting or lecture

If Meet is unavailable, use another screen recording app to record the session using your local computer. Then share the recording with your team or class.

If Meet works for you but other participants are having trouble, you can record your session in  Meet, even if others don’t join. Ask your G Suite admin to make sure Meet recording is turned on for your organization. Wait for the recording file to be generated and saved to the organizer’s Meet Recordings folder in My Drive. An email with the recording link is also sent to the meeting organizer and to the person who started the recording.

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Workaround: Live stream the meeting using Meet

You might be able to conduct a Meet live streaming session even if other interactive features are unavailable. Live streaming allows you to broadcast your meeting to large groups of co-workers or students in real time.

Only guests in the same organization as the meeting organizer can view a live stream. Guests in other organizations cannot view your live stream.

Note: Your G Suite administrator needs to turn on live streaming. The meeting organizer must also create an additional view-only event for the live stream.

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